Crazo Fashion Self Stirring Mug Camera Lens Shape Stainless Steel, Black (2 x AAA DURACELL Included)


    • Material: ABS food grade plastic exterior + Silicone + 304 Stainless steel interior + Acrylic + Motor
    • Our Mug does not Blend Fruits and Veggies.
    • It’s not suitable for traveling. It’s not leakproof.
    • Power Operated: 2 x AAA Duracell Batteries (Included)
    • Sipper: Yes
    • Dishwasher Safe: No
    • Handle: No
    • Self Stirring: Yes
    • Packing: Gift Box
    • Capacity: 300 ML
    • Weight: 275 gm
    • In The Box: [1 x Mug] & [2 x AAA Batteries]


At the bottom of the self-stirring Mug is a battery-powered motor that spins a propeller in the bottom of the mug, which swirls up the liquid and contents to form a perfect, smooth blend, simply press the button and all the hard work is done for you. Stay healthy Food-grade, hygienic, 100% BPA-free, non-toxic, non-leaching. The high-quality material also takes care of your health and hygiene.
Self stirring Coffee mug is featuring a smartly designed lid with a sipping hole. This brings to you this cool and stylish coffee mug to sip and enjoy your beverage in style.

How to Clean Self Stirring Mug:

1. Put a little dab of Dish washing Liquid in the bottom of the cup.

2. Fill the mug with warm water.

3. Use a bottle brush to clean the Mug.

4. Gently scrub sides and stirring blade.

5. Turn on the switch to blend it.

6. Rinse out the soap.

7. Dry entirely.

8. Now it is ready to use!

Note: Don’t put in the water to wash, just wash inside. If water goes in the battery function its stops working.





Stirrer mug

Powerful stirring mug

Mug Functions

electric mug
camera lens mug
stirring mug
automatic mug


Weight 350 g
Dimensions 20 × 9 × 9 cm


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